About Us

From our humble beginnings in 2010 until we’ve become today – the LED lighting supplier in Malaysia and solution provider company that supports customers in lighting design, supply and installation to provide full range of lighting solutions.

We provide various lightings ranging from indooroutdoorcommerciallandscape to industrial lightings. We design and implement human-centric lighting in the scope of application ranges from offices to industry, education, hospitals or retail to enhance mood, health, attention, and productivity, resulting in significant benefits for anybody who uses the indoor space.

We advocate the use of LED Lighting in Malaysia for lower energy consumption since day one when we started our business. As a lighting consultant in Malaysia, we are committed to offer the best solution for you and deliver the project successfully back into your hands.

We have passionate lighting specialists with vast experience in designing lighting projects, as well as a dedicated installation team to provide additional assurances to any problems that may arise when using any EGT® products.

Lighting expertise, high-quality LED products, products with reliable performance at a reasonable cost, and robust technical support are all part of the EGT® brand experience. This inspires the whole EGT® team and positions the company as a leader in both product and service, both today and in the future.

How do we design the lighting for your project?

We connect our talent with customers, suppliers, partners, and industry professionals, guaranteeing the out of box solutions that shine brightly to transform your dream, vision or idea into reality. 

Everything we do from site visits, discussion, designing lighting plans, custom-made lighting, choosing products to the very last stage of light auditing, is to provide you with the best lighting experience possible.