Modern Farmhouse

What is a Modern Farmhouse?

Modern Farmhouse is a unique design style where you can combines both the contemporary and farmhouse style together!


It has a mixture of warmth and simplicity that makes you feel like living by the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle.


Incorporating modern farmhouse style into your home is to balance the old and the new. So, here are some tips for you to nail this style.

Simplicity is the Key

The main purpose of this style is to bring out the coziness and nostalgia of a vintage cottage in the past. So, try not to go overboard with the design and just keep everything simple.


It is best to look for multi-purpose furniture that provides extra storage. Since, more storage space reduces the clutter and makes the whole space wider and simpler.


Color palette is also an important factor in a design style. For this case, neutral colors are the most suitable to be used.


Which colors you asked? Creams, tans, beiges, whites, light browns or any other colors that are soft and warm.


Why? Firstly, those colors would go well with Mother Nature. Secondly, they can make the whole space brighter and wider. Lastly, it can be used as a base for the furniture and accessories to stand out more.


So, remember being simple is the key to designing a comfortable Modern Farmhouse home.

Embrace The Nature

“Stick with the simple sophistication of natural elements like exposed wood beams and stone accents that evoke a clean and relaxed modern farmhouse interior.” Nina Magon.

Using organic and natural textures such as wood and stones is a must for a Modern Farmhouse look. Bringing the exterior into the interior is the whole point of Modern Farmhouse style.


For example, wooden cabinets and wooden counters in the kitchen area. Meanwhile, wood bar stools and bench style wooden dining tables are a good combination for a rustic dining area.


You can also utilize stones and incorporate them into walls and accessories as accents. This could add more rustic and natural aesthetics to the whole house.


Do not forget the greenery and plants too! Those little guys are good decors that give a fresh and welcoming vibe to the house as well.


As simple as that, your house can be transformed into a timeless and chic home with just some natural elements here and there.

”Reuse” Old Designs

The older farmhouse looks can actually be referenced to recreate a new design by adding a little personal twist to it.


Shiplap is a really good design that should be used in this style. Shiplap is a pattern where wooden planks are mounted horizontally onto walls into leaving a small gap between themselves.


Sliding barn door is also another popular design for modern farmhouse style. It is simple, functional and fits well with the vintage farmhouse aesthetic.


Rather than discarding them aside, why not reuse them for adding 20th century vintage touches?

From above, it can be seen that both shiplap and sliding barn door has fulfilled their purposes in contributing vintage feel to fit the modern farmhouse style.

Warm Lighting Design

“Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space; it’s one of the most important elements in all my interiors.” — interior designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz

Lighting design is like a puzzle piece that could enhance and complete the whole style of a home. So, we must choose the right lighting fixtures to create a comfortable and soothing Modern Farmhouse style.

First thing to look at is the color temperature. Preferable color temperature is around 2700K and 3000K which gives out a yellowish-white hues.

Relaxed, laid-back, cozy vibes are what we wanted to achieve for a modern farmhouse. Yellowish-white hues emitted can create a warm atmosphere and it fits the category perfectly.

Now we are done with the color temperature, let’s move on to the lighting fixtures.

Modern Farmhouses mostly use vanity lights, chandeliers, ceiling fan lights, pendant lights, wall sconces, and porch lights.

An oversized chandelier with candle-shaped light bulbs can be hung in the living room to create general lighting. Vintage styled lights like black barn lights and porch lights are suitable for the outdoors to light up the garden pathway.

You can also use Edison filament light bulbs for the dining room for a more rustic cottage feel. Clear glass formed pendant lights are another popular alternative too.

Last but not least, floor lamps and table lamps with metal and wood finishes can give a more simple, old-schooled feel to the space too.

This way a modern farmhouse look is finally complete!

Start Designing Now!

The popularity of modern farmhouse style has skyrocketed over the years because of its relaxing and soothing style where all of us are craving for.

With the perfect understanding of the style and suitable lighting design, you can personalize a modern farmhouse to match your preferences.

Just remember, “when it comes to a modern farmhouse aesthetic, it’s all about neutral hues, wood accents and furniture with clean lines.”

How do you bring your farmhouse to light?