Refined Industrial

What is refined industrial?

Refined industrial style is an aesthetic trend interior design where it takes references from old factories and industrial spaces. Then, convert them into living homes. 

The main goal of refined industrial look is to have an old factory or warehouse feel to it. It can be achieved by using a lot of rustic elements like exposed bricks and pipes, concrete flooring, and large open windows. 

This design style is common in urban areas where they usually turn the industrial spaces into lofts. Which is why there are unfinished and raw designs of the building left in most of the lofts.

Here are some of the easy ideas for you to create a refined industrial design too!

Vast and Open Space

The first tip is to have an open space and layout. Normally industrial spaces are spacious and have high ceilings. 

Using bare windows without any shades makes more sunlight come into the space. This could help lit up the space and make it look wider. 

Not only that, you can incorporate black metal frame to the windows to make it more rustic and industrial. 

In addition, objects and furniture are used efficiently to define and divide the space into sections for this style. 

For example, couches and chairs are used to divide into lounging areas for relaxation. Meanwhile, rugs, rolling walls, and screens are used to indicate different sections of the room. 

This way you can easily create a multi-sectional space for your own specific activities with this easy-to-follow step.

Warm & Neutral Color Palette

Colors like creams, beiges, and tans are the colors that can be used in a refined industrial home.

The warm and neutral colors on walls and ceilings can make the whole space seem bigger to fit the open airiness of this style. 

In another way, you can use the darker and bolder colors like blacks, grays, and dark browns on furniture as accents for more vintage, rustic vibes.

Meanwhile, it is recommended to go for polished floors like concrete or timber. As, the imperfections of the flooring give out a raw and natural feel which fits the aesthetic of this style.

Not only that, walls in bricks and concrete can be kept to show more details and stand out.

In other words, the natural elements of walls and flooring not only provide rustic industrial vibes, they also help to provide warmth to the space.

Exposed Elements and Structures 

What are the most common elements that can be seen left behind by old warehouses or factories?

It’s pipes and tubes of course! 

For example, exposed pipes and tubes are often found on walls and ceilings of a building.

Originally, they are needed to be removed because those are left behind when the building is converted from industrial space to a residential living space. However, it is kept as a design to show the concept and history of the industrial building.

Not only does it help in spicing up the design style, it also helps in cutting down the cost needed to cover them up.

So, exposed pipes and tubes all the way for a refined industrial home!

Natural Elements? Yes!

Another tip is using natural elements into the living space. 

Metal and wood are the best combination to be added into a refined industrial living home. This is because both elements give out different vibes that can balance the atmosphere of the room. 

For example, wood gives out warmth and texture while metal gives out sleek and modern vibes. 

Metal and wood can be incorporated into a single piece of furniture most of the time. 

For example, bar stools with metal legs and wooden plates are a perfect choice for the kitchen island area. 

When using metal, you can mix up different kinds of metal like stainless steel, iron, aluminium, and copper to add more visual interest to the space.

So, to create a refined industrial, you can use metal and wood efficiently to create a rustic and original look.

Show the Lights!

Moving onto the lighting part, you should keep the lighting fixtures as simple as possible.

The most commonly used lighting fixtures are pendants, floor lamps, wall mounted lamps, and chandeliers. All of them share a few similarities which all of them are black in color and use rustic metal finish as their body. 

Not only that, most of the lights also use basic light bulbs like Edison light bulbs design to stand out more and give more vintage aesthetic to the space. 

For example, pendant lights are either caged with metals or in the form of a gooseneck barn light. The pendant lights also use clear glass for the light bulbs to make them blend in as décor as well. 

These are some ways where you can use different light fixtures in a space.

Usually, pendant lights and track lights are used in every corner of the house to generate ambience and for task lighting at the same time. Meanwhile, floor lamps and wall mounted lamps are more for décor and task lighting. 

Next, floor lamps that are in black metal finishing are placed beside lounges, armchairs for reading areas. 

In the kitchen area, a set of hanging gooseneck barn lights are hung around the island and counters for food prepping. 

In bathrooms, wall mounted gooseneck barn lights are also used right beside the mirror to light up the area around the mirror and serve as decorations in the space too. 

Other than that, wall mounted lamps and table lamps can be used in bedrooms placed by the bedside or on the wall where the bed is located. 

With these kinds of lighting fixtures, it gives more rustic and industrial aesthetics to the space and boosts the style of the living home.

In refined industrial home, it is homey and comfortable.

Last but not least, you should choose color temperature around 3000K for the light bulbs because of its yellowish-white hues. In which, it can help in providing warmth and coziness to the space that fits the style of refined industrial. 

In another way, it also does not affect the productivity of the people as it is not too yellowish in color. In which it could cause the people to lose productivity and energy to effectively carry out daily tasks.

That is why warm white is the most suitable color temperature to be used for the light bulbs in a refined industrial styled home.

Create your sleek and modern with the vintage and classic room

The unfinished and raw look of elements of the design makes refined industrial style different from other design styles. 

This is why refined industrial has remained popular among society. 

However, when it comes to designing a living home, there is more flexibility and room for you to customize and design your own space. There is no right or wrong when you are creating your space that will reflect your personality and character. 

So, try using these tricks and incorporate your own design to create a refined industrial look just for you!