Solar Street Lights

The sun is a non-polluting, limitless, and reliable source of energy. Photovoltaic (PV) technology has become the most efficient energy supply technology as a result of air pollution, global climate change, and resource scarcity. LED solar energy, in contrast to CFLs, is recognised for being an efficient alternative.

The EGT solar street light is an excellent choice for illumination needs in locations where energy is intermittent or absent. Solar street lights are preferred in some metropolitan and rural areas because they lessen reliance on traditional power sources and stimulate the use of green energy. This solution is efficient since it is reliable and durable in fulfilling lighting requirements.

The photovoltaic solar panel, PIR motion sensor, durable LED chip, industrial grade LiFePO4 battery and the rest of the excellent features are integrated into a single compact unit. Furthermore, some of our product series are come with its intelligent remote control technology makes it flexibility to control the best features of the product. EGT solar street lights are extensively used for applications such as community parks, urban road villas, gardens, car parks, industry, walkway, home illumination, and so on.

  • Easy to Install
    Minimal wiring or electrical work is required for the installation.
  • Cost Effective
    Reduce the monthly electricity bills and steers clear of future charges due to infrastructure repairs.
  • Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable
    Zero carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere.
  • Longer Lifespan & Low Maintenance
    Durable and long life span.
  • Reliability
    Tested and proven.

If you have any requirements for LED solar street lights, please feel free to contact us.

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